Terms and Conditions

Full payment should be made 14 days prior to each even via online payment or bank transfer. Personal or business cheques will not be accepted unless cleared funds are available prior to day of hire and are only acceptable by prior arrangement. MANAGEMENT / VENUES / CLIENT(S) using invoiced methods are required to settle invoices within 7 days of receipt of invoice. MANAGEMENT / VENUES / CLIENT(S) will be invoiced after every hire. Payment of any fees still owed up to 7 days after the date of the event will result in pending additional costs and possible legal action. Under no circumstances will the Company begin rendering services until the balance is paid in full unless confirmed in writing by ET LA LUMIERE FUT prior to the event.

If additional time is requested for the event (over and above the agreements made on the contract) the fee for such time must be agree by both ET LA LUMIERE FUT the MANAGEMENT / VENUES / CLIENT(S), and paid to the artist(s) on the night of the event (unless otherwise stated)

All cancellations or notified changes must be made at least 30 days prior to the date of the event. If MANAGEMENT / VENUES / CLIENT(S) fail to cancel the booking before this date in writing, the full amount for the performance will become immediately due. Deposits are non-refundable and will not be refunded under any circumstances due to the pre booking and allocation of ET LA LUMIERE FUT unless this cancellation is made by ET LA LUMIERE FUT. Payment of the deposit for our services will become a binding contract to secure the date in our booking diary for your event. For any event that a non-refundable deposit is required, but has not been received within 30 days prior to the event, will allow us to change our work schedule and remove your details from our work database without prior notice.
All bespoke orders that are purchased are to be paid in full at time of order. No refund of monies will be given unless the product is delivered faulty from the manufacturer.

The MANAGEMENT / VENUES / CLIENT(S) are totally responsible for any damage or breakages however made to our equipment, by any person, persons or guests and/or their children or pets, and will be charged for the full cost of any repairs or replacements required. Repairs and replacements will be sourced by ET LA LUMIERE FUT. You, the Hirer, and/or promotor will be advised immediately of any damage as soon as it is caused and/or returned.

ET LA LUMIERE FUT will not tolerate any violent, aggressive or abusive behaviour in any way or form, from anyone under any circumstances before, during and or after any event. We also reserve the right to terminate services at any time should we feel that the personal safety of our staff is under threat. We do not take responsibility for ejecting any unwanted persons from the venue. The MANAGEMENT / VENUES / CLIENT(S) will be advised of any problems that we experience in this situation with any of their guests by our staff.

In the event of fire, extreme bad weather, flooding, public disturbance, terrorist activity, threat to the public, accident or measures beyond our control, ET LA LUMIERE FUT will accept no liability for costs incurred by the MANAGEMENT / VENUES / CLIENT(S) for cancellation of an event or replacement of entertainment services should the need arise. ET LA LUMIERE FUT shall be entitled to terminate the contract without liability if for any reason beyond its control the equipment is rendered unusable due to theft or fire to the equipment, illness or breakdown of vehicle. ET LA LUMIERE FUT will, in the unlikely event of a no performance return all refundable monies (non-refundable deposits are not refundable in any situation) but this will be the limit of our liability to you.

ET LA LUMIERE FUT staff will need approximately two hours to obtain entry and set up prior to the start time of the event and a similar time allowance at the end of the event to pack up unless it is a large event whereupon additional time would be needed. This time can be reduced if access is good and the staff is familiar with the venue. The MANAGEMENT / VENUES / CLIENT(S) shall ensure the venue will allow ET LA LUMIERE FUT adequate access time for the setting up and taking down on any equipment. If the start time of ET LA LUMIERE FUT equipment is delayed due to the inability of ET LA LUMIERE FUT to gain access to the set up area, or any other delay beyond ET LA LUMIERE FUT reasonable control, no liability will be accepted and no refund will be given. A minimum of 1 x 13amp socket for each product setup (i.e set of illuminated letters = 1 x 13amp socket; a NEON sign = 1 x 13amp socket) will be required by ET LA LUMIERE FUT staff to power the equipment and should be within 3m of the setup area, it is the MANAGEMENT / VENUES / CLIENT(S)’s responsibility to ensure these sockets are safe to use, and in good working order.

ET LA LUMIERE FUT reserve the right not to set up its equipment should there not be sufficient floor space to allow the equipment to be assembled safely, or conditions which could render the final assembly unsafe. This also applies to the risk of working within wet or damp conditions at the venue, which as a result may endanger the electrical safety regulations or if the mains power requirements are insufficient or unsafe.

Any damage whatsoever to equipment or products owned by ET LA LUMIERE FUT or its subcontractors whilst on hire will be charged to the client in full. If it is possible for a repair to be made allowing the piece of equipment to be restored to its original condition, then this will be sought. If not, a direct replacement of identical specification will be charged for. We will also seek to recover any loss of earnings that may be encountered whilst a repair of replacement piece of equipment is being obtained.
ET LA LUMIERE FUT will not be responsible for any damage or loss to private or public property caused by invited guests or members of the public.

All ET LA LUMIERE FUT equipment that is used is checked prior to arrival and has been fully tested for safety. Should ET LA LUMIERE FUT equipment be required to link to a fixed in-house audio system, ET LA LUMIERE FUT will not be held responsible for any damage, however caused, to any equipment that is not supplied by ourselves. We reserve the right to refuse to do so it the equipment is considered by ourselves to be unsafe or liable to cause damage to any component linked to it.

ET LA LUMIERE FUT cannot be held responsible for the way some people may be affected by lighting, strobe lighting, sound or haze that may be used during the event.
All bookings are taken on the understanding that the venue / management is in possession of the necessary entertainment and liquor licenses. We are not responsible if the venue is found to be in breach of the terms of their license. Should entertainment licenses be required please advise us of this before booking.

The total liability of ET LA LUMIERE FUT shall not exceed the amount of payments due to ET LA LUMIERE FUT for the provision of our services provided by ET LA LUMIERE FUT.
Photographs may be taken at the event and used in promotional material by ET LA LUMIERE FUT in order to make future customers aware of the products and services that we offer. These types of photographs may have proved useful in helping yourselves decide what products to book, or allow you to see what we offer prior to making a booking with us. It is important that you let us know in advance if you or any of your guests have any objection in the taking of and/or the advertising of these images via print, social media or our website for promotion. Children’s Parties and school events are excluded from this for safety and protection.

COVID-19 – Should the event be cancelled due to restrictions unknown at the time of booking i.e new regulations and/or laws set by the French Government that affect the event after the booking contract has been made, then ET LA LUMIERE FUT will use reasonable endeavours to honour the rescheduled date; if ET LA LUMIERE FUT cannot meet the rescheduled date a full refund will be given. If the event is not rescheduled for any reason then ET LA LUMIERE FUT reserves the right to withhold any deposit already paid.

Extra terms for Minors
The client will provide adequate adult supervision of the children attending the event
The supervising adults will ensure that the children do not interfere with ET LA LUMIERE FUT equipment before, during and after the event.